Saturday, November 10, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Release the Spyce - Episode 6 - Theresia Sucks on Gel

Theresia appeared reluctant to take the company gel before her mission after seeing what it did to Byakko, but it's just a part of being involved with Moryo.

Theresia was a bit preoccupied during the briefing for the next mission because the target was someone she knew from her past. She also seemed worried about that gel, but Byakko looks like she's having a fun time being Tsukikage's prisoner.

Theresia didn't want to act on her feelings to reconnect with Hatsume, but after being involved with shady child soldier mercenary groups, she should know better than to trust what adults tell the enslaved children.

After seeing the Moryo boss reveal all the other parts of her body to the audience, it was nice to finally see her face revealed too. She looks a lot younger than her voice, but that may be from the harsh lighting and the blood causing a higher contrast.

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