Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Anima Yell! - Episode 8 - Cheer Club Star Spirit

The girls got a fifth member, which means they can make a cool spirit star thingie before they perform. Oh, and they can be an official club too now.

Kana finally approached the group. Her family name is Ushiku, which has the kana for "cow" in it, so she'll be the cow girl from now on. Plus she has big boobs, so that fits. But will she fit into Uki's cheerleading uniform after she accidentally sprained her ankle?

Kana was on Hizume's cheer squad before coming to high school, not that Hizume remembers her since she was always doing the "hiding from senpai as I spy on her" routine. Uki's uniform did fit, but it was tight around the chest, adding to that "cow girl" template. Uki got to play the manager type, not the wife type. Manager!

There was a nice call back to the beginning of the episode when Kana talked to Hizume again and after she had so much fun substituting for Uki. She's going to have to get a handle on her senpai admiration complex.

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