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10 Second Anime - Sword Art Online - Alicization - Episode 7

Back in Underworld, we find Kirito and Eugeo at the Swordcraft Academy in Centoria, as Kirito continues to probe the virtual world's game mechanics.

Episode 7 - "Swordcraft Academy"


Not much to see here besides the usual petty jealousies one finds at boarding school in a rigid class system. The only thing that's a given with Kirito involved is that he's going to gather a coterie of females around him, and they're going to start caring "too much" about this cavalier rule breaker.

Speaking of breaking rules, it turns out that these guys training to be Integrity Knights are just about as loose with the rules concerning curfews as Kirito is. That part of Rath's Alicization plan appears to be working, even without Kirito's influence.

Kirito himself is still trying to figure out exactly how the game system works. There appears to be some kind of interplay between Object Authority and System Authority, where invoking some kind of magic or skill on an object increases that object's authority level. We saw this happen with Kirito's sword, where the finished product suddenly had a higher object authority than the branch of the Gigas Tree the blacksmith had been working with. We also saw it when Kirito tried to invoke his top tier sword skill and suddenly the sword became much heavier.

The other curious thing about this world is how confidence or imagination can break all the rules. This might be the secret of how Sacred Arts work. It's a tough thing to let these artificial souls try to break through their rigid belief systems, though, but magic is like a prescribed or agreed-upon rule breaking. Obviously, Kirito is going to want to short-circuit this stuff.

Finally, though, Kirito got his own real sword. That was a nice moment in the episode. It will also be satisfying to see him use sword skills with a real sword, instead of how he's either been hiding his prowess, or he couldn't use his powers because he needed a metal sword instead of a wooden practice one. Maybe we'll find out how that all works out during his duel with the First Seat Volo. It's time to get a real Kirito moment in this Underworld place.


Two years have passed already. I wonder how much time that was in the real world.

Apparently snooze alarm enthusiasts are going to be the real revolutionaries of this world.

Well, I'm glad we skipped over the boring stuff of the last two years as Eugeo and Kirito got themselves into the Swordcraft Academy. Of course, Kirito assembled his new harem as he went along.

Liena-senpai. Uh huh. Kirito's mentor. Uh huh.

Eugeo has to get the hot-blooded guy Golgorosso. Naturally.

Looks like Kirito is holding back in his sword fighting for some reason.

Kirito is still trying to find all the loopholes in this game system. Imagination seems to be the key.

Liena can tell Kirito is holding back. Is it because the wooden sword can't handle the power or he can't invoke the sword skill because the practice sword is like a club?

Azurica-sensei. Uh huh. Letting Kirito break curfew. Uh huh.

Boarding school with nobles and commoners fostering petty jealousies? This is has never happened before in fiction, ever!

I'm sure Kirito wants to become an Integrity Knight because that's the best job to find out where all the broken secrets of this world are.

That's interesting. Kirito's sword from the OP credit sequence is from the Gigas Tree.

Ah. Duel time with the head honcho. Time for Kirito to do Kirito things. Next episode, of course. Nice cliffhanger.

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