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10 Second Anime - Senran Kagura Shinovi Master - Tokyo Youma-hen - Episode 6

Yumi compares her sense of justice with Senkou and Gekkou's during their fight together with Asuka. The other shinobi girls work on rescuing the Hanzo hostages.



As I suspected, Senkou and Gekkou only knew Kurokage's earlier version of his sense of shinobi justice. Probably much earlier, since they discovered his old diary in the library's restricted stacks. What was missing were the elements of individual compassion that Asuka introduced to Yumi. Well, more like pounded into her, if you want to acknowledge the big flashback.

Asuka's compassion allowed Kurokage to realize that his goal of building a pure world of goodness referred to one's own person. The other rules of not befriending an evil ninja or getting the other guy back could be interpreted to apply to a single passing moment, but the inclusion of compassion is hoping that the evil ninja can change. And Kurokage's final tenet of a shinobi being like the light of the moon is a command to help the weak and desperate, to be that light of hope in the darkness. There's no way any of this would show up in a young man's diary without the years of experience and the final confrontation of death.

Long story short, those twin sister were WRONG. Worse, Fubuki never cared about justice and kept from them how she controls youma. Kurokage's earlier sense of justice would have been even harsher on a character like Fubuki than a ninja being friendly with evil or rogue ninjas.

Also, although we had to wait for the very end of the episode, we got the real reason Asuka was attacking Yumi and Homura before the Shinobi Master Tournament - she didn't want them to fight Fubuki. Maybe the need to keep Yumi away was bigger than Homura's, judging from Yumi's flashback of training together with Fubuki under her grandpa. I'll pay attention to next week's episode to see if that detail was just laid aside, but Senran Kagura has been pretty good so far with keeping the foreshadowing honest. I'm expecting lots of snowy flashbacks next time.


Aw, this big flashback should have been the second season of Senran Kagura. Look at the other Hanzo and Gessen girls. They're all beat up. There was a big thing happening here leading to this argument about justice between Asuka and Yumi.

As a narrative device, this is done well, because all the things Yumi says to Asuka is going to be parroted by Senkou and Gekkou. That's just good stuff. Girls got to talk while fighting because this show is about PLOT and ACTION instead of plot and action.

That wasn't shown in the first episode, that Fubuki appeared to Asuka after she got beat up. It's plausible, because she was shown walking around the city right before the episode ended. Big secret, Fubuki has. Asuka needs to keep it away from Yumi, which is getting to a big revelation about why she was attacking her friends before this tournament happened.

Well, we get naked transformations for the twin sisters, but still none for Homura. Oh, just reminding you that these sisters are in 9th grade...

Ha. The Team Kagura is just sitting around eating burgers and pizza. Naraku likes bubblegum.

Uh oh. The twins don't know that Fubuki controls youma. Opportunity for creating a wedge between them.

Man. This youma guarding the Hanzo girls looks hot, but it's too dark here to appreciate her curves.

Ninjas being sneaky and crawling through air ducts? I must have switched channels to some other ninja show. Ah. They bumped butts. We're in the right place.

Ha. Hikage says the duct is screaming that they weigh too much. How rude! They mostly eat grass!

Nice. Locker room naked hijinks with the Hebijou girls. Licky-licky action is good sexy comic relief to rebuild team spirit. Ryouna is the true hero of Hebijou!

Ouch. Half-naked ninja girl parts in a heap. Suzune-sensei is all business though. Rogue, evil, good, doesn't matter. All ninjas battle youma.

This youma lady talked! I'm including that exclamation point because the girls think it's a big deal.

Oh, so now Asuka and Yumi team up to defeat Senkou and Gekkou. I guess all the talking is done.

It's not over yet. Fubuki is next and all the talky-flashbacks between her and Yumi.

Next time, we'll find out who the true Snow Woman is supposed to be.


Alright. I was prepared for a whole bunch of dress breaking in the Asuka-Yumi fight with the twin sisters, but I was not prepared for all the NSFW dress breaking in the long flashback with Yumi and Asuka and the sexy comic relief in the locker room with the Hebijou girls. Very much appreciated!

There was a very nice parallel between Asuka fighting Yumi in the flashback over the exact same thing Senkou and Gekkou were fighting everyone else in the present. It's too bad Kurokage passed away already so he couldn't show up to stop a fight by hugging a naked teenage girl.

Naked team spirit building is the best team spirit building. Ryouna is the true MVP of Hebijou. Pero-pero!

Senkou and Gekkou truly lost because they even got their underwear destroyed. Yumi in the flashback could have kept going because she still had her bottoms intact. Them's the rules of Senran Kagura.

Next time, we should definitely see Fubuki unwrapped like a Christmas present. It's about that time of year, right?

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