Monday, November 12, 2018

10 Second Anime - Senran Kagura Shinovi Master - Tokyo Youma-hen - Episode 5

The different shinobi teams compete in a round robin tournament while others have their own agendas.

#05 - "BE HONEST"


The title says, "Be honest," but, come on! This is a show about ninja girls. Who's going to be honest about anything only halfway into the season?

A few things caught my eye, besides the dress breaking nudity and locker room showers. Suzune and Homura's Crimson Squad are going to push the side narrative of the youma crisis that may or may not be tied to Fubuki's powers. I'm still impressed with how far back this obvious endgame for the season was foreshadowed in the first episode.

The second thing was how canny this Kagura girl is. She threw her round because she suspected Fubuki would pull something. That something ended up being immediately fighting the winners of the round robin without a break or more shower scenes. Taking away shower scenes? Unforgivable!

The other thing I noticed was how the villains keep pushing their closeness to Yumi's grandfather. There's a need for legitimacy in their actions and the "pure" teachings of Kurokage appear to be the means for this group. The childishness and probably out of context admonition of "If they get you, you get them right back" looks like the clue and path to reveal how the villains misinterpreted Grandpa Kurokage. This is Senran Kagura, so no evil ninja girl stays really evil for very long. How else can we get them all together naked in a hot spring? Those are the rules for this show.


This was the episode introducing boin. No, wait. Well, just see what I mean.

Boin Introductions.

Will we see these girls again? We might not for several years in anime form, so make sure they have a boin scene.

Young Kagura did not get a boin scene... The sisters Senkou and Gekkou also got to show off their goofy sides during their MC portions. This is all helpful for their ultimate redemption arcs leading to friendly naked bath time.

Shinobi Masters.

In the end, only three teams showed up. Crimson Squad was invited, but they declined because Homura was unconscious.

It's a round robin sports festival. Ninja style! And Naked Style!

Big arena, but Asuka is the only spectator.

Ha. Rogue ninjas are always polite, but they never care about the rules.

Still no naked Homura transformation.

Naked Dodgeball. Naked Cavalry. Naked Pole Toppling (capture the flag).

Showers between matches? Nice.

I have no idea what's going on in these matches. Video game fans will enjoy this stuff for sure. I guess I'll just pay attention to the nudity and the outcomes.

Kagura has a hard head. Her headbutt obliterated Miyabi's clothes!

Suzune (Rin) has a cellphone. It's a little warm from where she kept it...

Suzune needs to stop this farce and get the ninjas back to that volcano. Oh, did someone just give away the finale arc?

Yeah! Yumi is the real team commander because she made Yozakura captain for capturing the flag with her Rocket Punch!

Suzune and Crimson Squad found the Hanzou girls. Tied up by a youma that they don't want us to see just yet.

Ooh, sneaky. No shower scene between matches now. Gessen's prize is an ass-whooping from Fubuki and the twins.

Not so fast, says Asuka. She's still trying to play tough girl. She's only fooling herself.

Next time, maybe some Yumi flashbacks with Asuka?


We got a big dose of what to expect from this tournament from the second and third episodes. Naked water guns and bath scenes! Somehow the random roll of "naked" showed up every time making the whole tournament NSFW.

I liked how the last event had that naked water stuff, which I thought only Haruka had, but whatever, and Minori asked "Again?"

Lots of fun stuff here, but my favorite was Naked Rocket Punch! Oh, Yozakura called it Heaven and Hell Rocket Punch, but we know better.

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