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10 Second Anime - Senran Kagura Shinovi Master - Tokyo Youma-hen - Episode 4

Fubuki, the sponsor of Shinobi Masters, invites Kagura to her tournament. Hebijo and Gessen attend the opening ceremonies.

#04 - "IT'S SHOWTIME!!"


As expected, the naked fanservice is going to take a backseat as the actual plot, instead of the PLOT, comes to the forefront. What has been well done for the first three episodes is all the short foreshadowing scenes between all the fun slice of life fanservice and nudity. This show really knows how to condense backstories to mere moments or reminiscences so we'll have the context for the big revelations later.

Things to look forward to are Yumi's past relationship with Fubuki and how her grandfather's sense of justice got perverted by Senkou and Gekkou. Also, and we have to look back to the opening scenes of the first episode, but Rin, or Suzune-sensei, let us know that the big hole in the volcano was actually some big youma event that all the most experienced ninja had to rush towards. She questions the timing of this Shinobi Masters Tournament when all the real "best" ninjas are unable to attend. I see this as where Fubuki is keeping the biggest, baddest youma for Kagura to fight.

We still had time for some lighter moments with the Gessen infiltration act, but that mainly served to give us the usual fanservice this show is known for, detailed upskirts and panty shots, without the nudity. We can only hope we get the nude transformation scenes with a whole lot of dress breaking during the tournament.


Oh. That scene with Fubuki talking to Kagura wasn't over yet.

That's good logic from that Mikagura sister. If Fubuki can promise the "strongest youma" as a reward at the tournament, that means she actually controls it.

Fun! This Kagura girl has an adult form after eating a red orb.

Fubuki and Kagura are quick slashers. Kagura's underwear is much more interesting than Fubuki's wrapping. We know from the OP credits that Fubuki will get a better outfit than that.

Ah. Confirmation that those sisters work for Fubuki.

The Homura squad lives at a bowling alley. They don't know that it was Asuka who hurt Homura. Well, they will when she's done screaming her name after she woke up.

These scenes with Asuka make it look like she's saying goodbye to her "soft" parts. There's going to be redemption, weakness-as-strength arc for her soon enough.

Yup. Poorly animated aerobics means we're in slice-of-life fanservice mode. I'm not expecting nudity at all this episode.

Shiki says they need to do these aerobics to keep the weight off before all the feasting for Christmas and New Year's. Asuka and Yumi were good girls to go gift shopping so early! This also lets us know the final good guy celebration will be in time for Christmas.

Oh. Senkou and Gekkou go to the Gessen Junior High, which is why Yumi's squad didn't recognize them.

Har. The Yumi squad under Grandpa Kurokage was cute. Murakumo had a paper bag instead of a mask!

This flashback montage for Yumi is efficient. Ties the other girl with Fubuki and gives us the sense of justice to be twisted around - "Be like the moon, the last light that illuminates the darkness." I don't see how the sisters or Fubuki can turn that into pure power resolve but that's what we'll have to find out.

Of course. Yumi is a celebrity at the junior high.

Here's more slice of life fanservice. Cosplay and crotch shots, gotta love it.

Hee. Shiki's slips of gyaru yanqui talk into her ojousama speech is funny.

Rin questions the timing for this Shinobi Masters when there's that big black hole at the volcano where all the other ninjas went.

Yup, this tournament is like a concert. It's showtime! And apparently all the titles for the episode will have a broken caps lock.

It's being broadcast over "Shinovi-net." Lots of cute ninjas from the games, I presume.

Yumi doesn't recognize Fubuki. That revelation will be a key moment for the show.

Homura's squad shows up in the previews, which means Asuka will too, since she's coming in by hang-glider.

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