Saturday, October 27, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Release the Spyce - Episode 4 - Mei Fu Say Shut Up

Mei and Fu may bicker with each other all the time but they do agree that others should just stay out of their business.

Last week we explored the mentor-junior relationship between newbie Momo and Yuki. This week we look at the close but clashing personalities of young Fu with veteran Mei. Fu doesn't like Mei's frivolous spending.

In the middle of arguing about roommate stuff that didn't apply to operational stuff, Fu's emotions conflated the two, which Mei didn't pick up on. They patched things up and decided to celebrate by taking down a pain pervert drug dealer. That's one way to cement a stronger relationship.

Mei is a street performer, so it was kind of nice to give her and Fu their own end credit song. Just a reminder to buy all the merchandise things!

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