Thursday, October 18, 2018

10 Second Anime - Sword Art Online - Alicization - Episode 2

Kirito finds himself trapped in the virtual environment of Underworld.

Episode 2 - "The Demon Tree"


So, I guess we're really doing this trapped in an online game thing again. One thing that is refreshing about Kirito's experience from an audience perspective is that this must have been what it was like when he beta tested the first Sword Art Online, so we're seeing him develop his skills without any of the overpowered levels he had when he went to Alfheim or Gun Gale. Of course, with that big tree making me think the SEED is in here, his sword skills might just be the same.

I'm also reminded of the events of the second season of SAO, with the sick kids whose bodies could barely move being able to dominate online. The difference here, is that instead of real minds inside of bodies with mobility issues, we have artificial "souls" grown from copies of newborn babies' fluctlight systems. Like Kirito mentioned last episode, perhaps Underworld is more about researching souls or artificial intelligences instead of creating virtual realities.

Anyway, the parameters of the story have been set, along with the themes of what defines humanity or personhood. Kirito should be used to this stuff with his "daughter" Yui, but this is a different kind of personality storage. This makes me suspect that a "copy" of Kirito is what we're watching as his real body and life hang in the balance from being poisoned.

For Kirito, he should be fine for now, since he has a quest (chop down a big tree) and can use a sword. I hope to see a scene where he breaks the game again by dual-wielding.


These video games sure do like the amnesia convention to explain why your character needs everything explained to him.

Just how involved will Kirito's harem be? Will he add that blue-haired goddess to the ranks?

Things are different this time around. He can remember himself and the outside world, but he can't remember if he's ever been inside the game before. Does that mean he has to relearn the interface and command gestures every time he logs back in?

There's Eugeo, six years later. His memory of Alice being taken away doesn't include Kirito. A plot point to keep in mind.

Har. A Lost Child of Vecta. A prankster god is as good a story as any for amnesia. Better than waking up in a cell with a scar on your forehead.

Kirito has some kind of emotional familiarity with Eugeo, which shows that "blocking" fluctlight memories doesn't really work.

The Big Quest - find Alice in the central city. Chapter Quest - chop down that damn tree, the Gigas Cedar, or Demon Tree.

Kirito feels better. He got a sword in his and he can Slash. Eat that smug look, Mr. Man-at-Arms Zink!

Is this little nun Selka Eugeo's sister or Alice's? They have some history, no doubt.

Hello naked goddess in a tower! Maybe she's Vecta and is keeping tabs on her amnesiac child?

Next time, something about those mountains. Will memories of young Kirito come back to current Kirito or Eugeo? And how about cutting down that tree? The OP credits show those two walking off somewhere and Eugeo has that Blue Rose Sword wrapped up. Let's move this story along.

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