Thursday, October 18, 2018

10 Second Anime - Senran Kagura Shinovi Master - Tokyo Youma-hen - Episode 1

During Christmas shopping, Asuka and her friends from Hanzou Academy are attacked by two mysterious ninja girls. Season Premiere.



The sexy, jiggly ninja girls are back! This time, just like that great OVA, they have nudity! Check out below to see the goodies there.

The episode starts off the right way - introducing the main characters, the side characters, the rivals, and everyone in between with some fun fanservice and girls-do-cute-things slice of life stuff. You like Christmas cosplay? Well, so do Asuka and Yumi!

But we're also introduced to the main drama of the first story arc and it looks pretty serious. In a battle of differing shinobi philosophies, it looks like the rude mysterious ninja girls have the upper hand. The "Good Ninjas" follow a philosophy of using power to serve justice, symbolized by a sword and shield to both defend and protect the innocent. The invading twins Senkou and Gekkou adhere to Pure Resolve, which appears to favor pure offense. Lots of condescension and smugness will come from these two.

So, by the end of the first episode, Asuka and friends are already in a big pinch. I can already see lots of moping followed by a determined bout of training. We shall see how this all plays out.


It's Christmas! Time for Santa fanservice!

Lots of Santa fanservice! Oh, and assorted cosplay is nice too.

Yumi says, "Cuteness is Justice!" She's right, you know.

Santa Homura! Working hard for turkey!

Dressing room fanservice montage? Oh yes, please!

Yumi needs a smartphone.

Big trouble! Asuka lost her cat ears present. Now Yumi figures out why a smartphone is handy.

Katsuragi and Ikaruga are still the pair of aces.

These girls don't look friendly. And they're from Yumi's school. They definitely don't follow the rule of Cuteness is Justice.

They plan on "removing" the naive notions of justice from the good ninjas. They're not acting like good ninjas if they want to do that.

Ouch. Asuka is getting hurt bad.

We've got dress break mechanics in this show. Good to know.

Poor Asuka. I don't like these Senkou and Gekkou girls very much right now.


We've got the full versions of the girls' transformation scenes, so you know that's NSFW.

And Asuka showed us the dress breaking stuff too.

I'm not a fan of the blood on a pretty girl, but they're going for a more serious take on Senran Kagura than the first season, so violence and nudity makes this trashy TV. I prefer a more Cuteness is Justice interpretation...

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