Tuesday, October 23, 2018

10 Second Anime - Senran Kagura Shinovi Master - Tokyo Youma-hen - Episode 2

Three ninja schools get invited to a spa resort and play Peach Beach Splash. Senkou and Gekko invite them to the Shinobi Masters Tournament.

#02 - "PBS"


I wondered if we would get a definition of the acronym in the title, but fans of the Senran Kagura games would have already known that this is reference to SK: PBS, Peach Beach Splash! Now in uncensored anime form! Man, this show loves its fans.

As for the actual plot, everyone knew they were walking into a setup, but that didn't stop the girls from wearing swimsuits and having fun. Yumi and Homura noticed that Hanzou Academy wasn't there, so that was the next clue that something serious had happened in the aftermath of the attack during last episode. Yumi also worried about Asuka not showing up to get her lost gift back. So now she wants a smartphone.

After all the PLOT and ACTION scenes, the villains showed up to announce what the subhead for this season is all about - a tournament to decide who is the real Shinobi Master. I still don't know why Senran Kagura insists on spelling it "shinovi," but we know what they mean. The extra incentive to attend is that the Hanzou girls, minus Asuka, have been taken hostage, so for sure the Good Ninjas will show, but the sisters Senkou and Gekkou insist they all show up, Bad and Rogue ninjas too, or the hostages will die.

The last question is what happened to Asuka? I'm confused about the timeline, because I don't think Christmas has happened yet, but who knows? Asuka is in need of a confidence rebuilding arc, because she told Yumi that there is no justice in the ninja world, that the sword and shield is a lie. That's pretty depressing and I don't know how Grandpa would react to hearing his cute Asuka say that. But we'll have to wait 'til the next episode to find out what is going on at Hanzou. Well, we'll have to find out after all the hot springs action, apparently, which appears to show up in the end credits.


What the... is this not exactly how the OVA for Estival started? This is serious deja vu, even right down to Yumi's boobs being stolen to play Rock, Paper, Boobs.

I'm still not sure how the girls know which is paper, scissors, or rock. Maybe the boobs being separated makes them flat like paper? And the boobs being separated up and down is scissors? I need more research...

This invitation is so obviously a trap, but that doesn't stop ninja girls.

Hoh. Crimson Squad and Hebijou have the same target, but different objectives.

Dress break!

Miyabi is smart! They just needed to keep the politician alive, which is not against Homura's objective of publicizing his crimes.

Invitations too. There's going to be lots of ACTION and PLOT at this spa resort.

The girls even say this is the same place as the OVA.

Yes! Survival game with dress break! This is Peach Beach Spash, Totally Nude Version!

At first I wondered how the girls were this jiggly if Haruka's solution only made their clothes transparent, then I remembered they would have been this jiggly anyway in those swimsuits.

Ends as a draw with the captains. Of course.

Oh, yeah. Those two again. Shinobi Masters Tournament, and they all better come or the Hanzou girls will die! No Asuka, though.

Yumi doesn't need a smartphone if Asuka can just talk in her head like that.

Aw. Asuka needs a hug.

End credits come in for this week. Looks like some new girls will become new friends at the hot spring.

Next week, hot springs too!


Wow. I made a lot of naked pictures because we had five NSFW ACTION scenes, including the end credits. Enjoy!

Full on sparring with naked transformations! Also, rock, paper, boobs!

Homura vs Miyabi! Who wins? Well, we know the clothes lose.

And who won Peach Beach Splash? We did, we did.

Nice hot springs and sauna action, or lack thereof, in the ED credits. The cutest thing was having Asuka and the other captains sigh along with the song.

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