Sunday, September 09, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san - Episode 9 - Chisaki Catches Oboro Kogarashi

Chisaki's first sight when she first visited the Yuragi Inn pretty much captured everything that happens with Kogarashi's harem antics.

Chisaki came to visit Yuuna and met all the other girls at Yuragi. Sagiri noticed how girly she was and figured she'd compensate by dressing a little more feminine at dinner.

Chisaki's visit to a hot springs hotel wouldn't be complete without some steamy onsen scenes. She already learned her favorite mangaka is Nonko, Yaya likes how she cooks fish, Oboro just wants to get knocked up, and Koyuzu is happy to be reunited, with her boobs, that is.

We're way back into slice of life fanservice stuff with Chisaki staying overnight with Yuuna and Koyuzu showing her the fruits of Nonko's feminine adult teaching. Of course it all devolved into fetish cosplay.

We haven't seen censored eye catches in a while, but it does give hints on what comes next.

Why is Chisaki making this face? You'll find out when you buy the blurays!


Chisaki faced the worst night of her life so far. Sleeping next to a naked ghost, a handsy tired boy, and a hot-to-trot mistress made for very NSFW situations. And lots of censorship! Buy the blurays!

It all started so benignly, with Yuuna crawling unders Chisaki's covers (kudos for using steam censorship matched to orange colored blankets), but it all went south (idiomatically), with Kogarashi unknowingly joining in and Oboro adding some adult spice to the situation. Chisaki began to admire Kogarashi a bit more when he refused Oboro's advances. Maybe he's not a wolf like her mom says all boys are.

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