Sunday, September 02, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san - Episode 8 - Kogarashi Punches Genshiro

No, we did not side slip into an episode of One Punch Man. Genshiro made the mistake of freeing Kogarashi's fists, leading to a surprising amount of pain.

Kogarashi's plan was to distract Genshiro as Sagiri and Koyuzu rescued Yuuna. They didn't plan on Oboro being smarter than the Black Dragon God.

Sagiri got captured, but Koyuzu escaped, hopefully to get help. Kogarashi's plan just intensified into provoking Genshiro into breaking his bonds. Nobody was expecting what happened next, or the revelation that Kogarashi was way stronger than the Dragon God.

The eye catch shows what cosplay stuff Genshiro was going to make Sagiri do as his concubine. May his dreams rest in peace...

Oboro thought she had one small chance in defeating Kogarashi in a way her lord could not - Kogarashi can't hit women! He, and Sagiri funnily enough, were totally surprised that Oboro was a girl! Yuuna couldn't believe it.

Koyuzu brought the cavalry, Kogarashi convinced Oboro to take defeat by fooling the airhead Genshiro that his women prizes were ascending to heaven and that Kogarashi had been obliterated. In a shock to the Yuragi housemates, Oboro joined Kogarashi's harem for the express purpose of his bearing his child to "strengthen" the Black Dragon clan. Good luck...


Oboro's story isn't done yet, as we saw in the very NSFW epilogue. Again, buy the blurays!

Why yes, Oboro, I would definitely agree that your breasts have their own charms.

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