Thursday, September 13, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san - Episode 11 - Matsuri Not Accepting Defeat

Matsuri, Aki's big sister, wasn't ready to admit that Ayaka was a better big sister than she was.

Aki's big sister Matsuri surprised him in bed, and we started getting a hint on why Aki wants to act more like a man and why he's kind of passive to what the other big sister types he's met do to him.

Matsuri has come to see how Aki has been doing in Tokyo, and she insists on calling him her "little sister." Many things about Aki are getting explained here... But she's not just visiting him; she's trying to bring him home! Ayaka won't have that, so Matsuri proposed a series of tests to "let" Aki stay with a substitute big sister. She wasn't counting on the power of Ayaka's big boobs, though.

So, Matsuri conceded to herself how good Ayaka was at the usual big sister stuff, like cooking, hand washing, hugging, and ear cleaning. But there was no way she was going to lose Aki to Ayaka.

Matsuri proposed even more extreme tests, like teeth brushing and advanced sleeping and bathing together. It was her total defeat to the Ideal Big Sister Ayaka.

Fine. Ayaka is able to take care of Aki, but there must be something improper about their relationship. Like she should be talking... But even a bout of stalking doesn't yield results, so Matsuri has to resort to kidnapping. At least this side trip finally showed to Matsuri that Aki is becoming a more reliable little brother instead of the crybaby little sister she insisted on.

Aki's stress isn't over yet. Matsuri returned home, but she immediately came back, having transferred to the same high school as Nana and her friends. Guess where she'll be living from now on.

Ayaka tried dressing like Matsuri in the end card. Of course, she has a shorter skirt.

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