Monday, September 10, 2018

10 Second Anime - Grand Blue - Episode 7

Iori's friends come to visit. The diving club plays the tennis club to raise funds for a trip.

Episode 7 - "Doubles"


I have to say I appreciate how well the men's friendships are portrayed in this show. They're really not that nice to each other, there's lots of cruel insults, small betrayals, competitiveness over small and large issues, and some violence, yet everything is fine as long as they can sit together drinking beer and liquor. It's so realistic! This is totally a man's man show.

I'm also learning about how hard up for cash these college circles are. This week, Peek-a-boo challenged the Tinker Bell for its prize money from the men's beauty pageant. Obviously, the tennis club saw this as a good chance for revenge against Iori and Kohei, but Tokita and Kotobuki appear to have tons of confidence that everything will work out.

What I loved about this whole scene was how it tied into how cruel and ruthless men can be to their friends and rivals. We already know that Peek-a-boo loves to cheat by using alcohol, so it was hilarious to see Tinker Bell get them drunk with high proof stuff, taking the better athletes off the table. Just win, baby! Iori bought into that whole ethic by taking out his own teammate so a sobered up Tokita and Kotobuki can finish the job against the captain. That's how a man wins in a team effort!

Interesting side note - Iori was so good at tennis because he figured joining the tennis club was the best way to meet girls in college. And he only learned how to play a few months before he started school. Like he said, he's a good athlete in everything but swimming. Of course, he never got the chance to put his plan in action because he was stolen away by Tokita and Kotobuki, but I wonder if Aina picked up on how she could have met him first instead of having Chisa complicate things with an unspoken love triangle.

Still, it's a funny diving show where there's hardly any diving going on.


Makeup test is over, so obviously there's going to be drinking over at Iori's house.

The dudes want to make sure he actually doesn't live with Chisa, but he's more worried about his life if they find out he lives with a domestic goddess like Nanaka.

Ha! I love how this convention of Japanese dudes having full conversations by just looking at each other got turned into a moment of ultimate betrayal.

I suppose Iori is thankful his room is detached from the main house now.

Whoops! There's still girly stuff all over Iori's room because it's also the club room and Azusa just leaves her big bra there. And Aina left her lipstick!

Yamamoto is a broken man. He's so deluded, he sees a hat for a bra and suppository for a lipstick. Also, don't take pictures of women without their permission. Also again, watch out for naked guys trying to get you drunk.

Didn't these guys see the men's beauty pageant? They should know that Iori is into cross-dressing already.

Chisa stopped by... Iori's life is over.

Scrambling for money again. Peek-a-boo must spend all their dough on alcohol.

This seems like an even trade. The tennis club will give up its second place prize money for a chance at humiliating Peek-a-boo. The only shortcoming to this plan is that Peek-a-boo has no shame, so they can't get humiliated...

Hoho. Nanaka wants to see Chisa in a cute tennis outfit.

Har. The captain doesn't recognize Aina without her makeup on.

Oops. How many good players are going to be left if all the Peek-a-boo guys are all drunk?

Better yet, get the other guys drunk too!

Huh. Aina is actually taller than Chisa.

Oh man. These "nice body" jokes are too much for Chisa.

Just terrible. Kohei is just terrible. New plan - sabotage Kohei so the sobered up Tokita and Kotobuki finish the job.

Aw. Even though Iori didn't get a chance to put his tennis club strategy to meet girls into action, he's happy where he is. Half naked, drunk, and waking up to a busty bisexual bombshell all the time is pretty okay.

Next time, more drinking. Like, at a bar.

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