Friday, September 14, 2018

10 Second Anime - Grand Blue - Episode 10

The diving club lands in Okinawa. Aina makes meaningful memories of having fun with a group.

Episode 10 - "Arrival in Okinawa"


There was actually some character development this episode. Aina still has some issues with being rejected by the tennis club and being excluded for "holding people back." For the diving club, if someone has reached their limit of air, everyone has to surface. There is no "holding people back" for this rule because acting as a group in the ocean does mean life or death. Not only is doing things together fun, it can literally save your life. Aina picked a good activity to enjoy her youth and make memories for her heart's photo album.


They're finally in Okinawa! And of course they got naked and drank beer as soon as they could.

Wow. That's a nice rental house.

You gotta go to the beach as soon as you can!

Oh no. Those dudes are obviously naked under the water. Aina's photo album of memories is full of censored pictures!

Aina gets it. The only way to make those guys wear clothes is to go to a public beach.

Everything's a contest between Iori and Kohei. First one to fall off the banana boat sleeps on the floor.

Har. They absolutely think alike. They both lubed up the handles. They both pointed out women to distract the other guy (voice actress Kaya for Kohei, Porn AV actress for Iori), and they both poured sunscreen on the other guy's feet. Total tie for losers.

Chisa said "baka..." again! Yeah!

Aw. Aina has to go with Tokita and Kotobuki, and they're so heavy the banana boat doesn't bounce.

Iori lost by a wave. Ha.

But then he won again. Sleeping with Nanaka and Azusa! Not much sleeping going on for Iori, though.

Iori must have some good night vision. How did he read the diving license rule book in the dark?

It looks like Iori didn't keep himself totally distracted during the night.

Chisa will help him focus.

Hey. Actual diving stuff. I learned all about these things in Amanchu.

Good for Aina. She's having a much better time with good people than she did with the tennis club.

She's going to have to bond with the seniors a little bit more. You know what that means. Naked drinking!

Cliffhanger! Iori's not doing so hot for the practical diving exam.

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