Sunday, August 26, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Hanebado! - Episode 9 - Connie Dramatic Entrance

Connie should try to be Kaoruko's sister, because she appears more related to her than Ayano judging by this overly dramatic entrance.

Connie is still a ditzy clutz as Ayano points out her questionable choice in fashion mixed with audience perspective. I'd like to know what Ayano's V-sign and Okay-sign mean in reference to a panty shot. Update: Thanks to Aki, I now know this is a Jojo reference!

The purpose of Connie's surprise visit to bond with her "sister" Ayano and become a family. Schizophrenic Ayano says no, because she's going to be the one to abandon her mother this time around. Still no explanation of Uchika's presence at the tournament...

Speak of the devil, maybe next episode we'll find out why Ayano became the villain of the story and why Uchika has disappeared from the story for three episodes.

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