Monday, August 27, 2018

10 Second Anime - Grand Blue - Episode 2

Iori gets unreliable help decorating his room. Nanaka and Chisa want to help Iori enjoy underwater.

Episode 2 - "Underwater"


Two things I noticed this week start to give a bit of backstory to Iori and Chisa's relationship. The first was how attentive Chisa was to Iori talking about how he doesn't much like the water and can't swim. The other is how uncomfortable Chisa is showing off her great body in a swimsuit. The first thing leads me to believe there is something that happened with Iori and Chisa ten years ago as they played together, probably involving a traumatic experience with Iori saving Chisa from drowning and getting hurt in the process. The swimsuit thing just reinforces how much of a tomboy Chisa used to be as she played with her cousin. Since this story is slice of life comedy, character development is way more important than premise, setting, or establishing a story arc, so this is all good stuff.


There seems to be lots less drinking this time around, but the nakedness abounds!

Naked aprons on dudes, even the uncle! Oh, he's wearing a speedo, but Kotobuki and Tokita, yeah, black balls of censorship for you!

Ha! Iori has been here three days and he still hasn't slept in his own room. He must smell pretty bad...

No drinking tonight since he needs to make Nanaka happy and set up his room. Women's college mixer, you say? Please, let Iori go!

Oh, this is a bad idea. The dude-bros are going to help decorate Iori's room in an "adult" theme.

Gah! This is definitely an adult-themed room! But, come on. The posters are fine, but you can't just put the books and videos all over the floor and bed. Still, this is an impressive porn collection.

And he's watching porn with dudes.

Hmm. Nanaka has a "friend" she calls about guy stuff. This "friend" must be an expert on dudes. Nanaka has no interest in dudes since she's all into her sister.

And the comedy gets ratcheted up. Since the seniors don't know what a freshman is supposed to like, how about another freshman? Bad idea, again.

Bishotaku Kohei totally does up a forever-alone room, not a solo-life room. Huh, I guess they're the same thing...

No, NOOOO! Total opposite of moe anime girls is YAOI! And the dude-bros start playing a yaoi visual novel! Nanaka needs more consultation with her "friend."

These artists definitely know their industry, from the lad mags, to the figurines and posters, to the yaoi tropes. Well done.

Ah hahahaha! How to get Nanaka to like his room? Decorate it with Chisa pictures! NOOOO! It's a total stalker room. Look at all the little Chisa faces on the figurines! Oh man, this show.

And banishment. What did Iori expect?

Okay, actual diving club stuff here. Getting used to water and gear in a pool. This is frat boy Amanchu after all. Oh, but then there are those black balls of censorship...

So, why does Chisa call Iori a pervert for being naked in the pool, but not Kotobuki and Tokita when they're naked all the time? I guess Chisa has higher expectations for her hero, or something.

This is nice. Nanaka takes Iori to see something underwater way nicer than Bishotaku's danglies. It was Chisa's idea too.

Nanaka is still siscon Nanaka, though. Chisa is popular, kind, and... she smells nice!

And there we go. Chisa gets a nice moment with Iori, but she has to call him "baka..."

Next time, hot woman wakes up next to Iori! From the opening credits, she's probably Nanaka's dude expert "friend."

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