Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Uma Musume - Pretty Derby - Episode 12 - Silence Suzuka Sends Energy Too

Silence Suzuka truly became a member of Team Spica when she joined Gold Ship's goofball antics in sending energy to Special Week with the other girls.

It was all about Special Week and Broye this week as we saw how seriously the French horse girl took her competition. Special Week's classmates were all of one mind in hoping their Japanese horse girl beat the international field at the Japan Cup. Horse girls have a very horsey way of eavesdropping, right Grass Wonder?

According to the epilogue, 18 of our favorite horse girls, including all of Team Spica, will be racing the Winter Derby together. This means we get to see Mejro McQueen finally run a race.

Preparations were complete. Cultural exchanges were, uh, exchanged with a funny bit attributed to El Condor Pasa, and it was time for Special Week to beat that French lady horse.

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