Friday, April 06, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Uma Musume - Pretty Derby - Episode 2 - Late Special Week with Carrot

Our genki girl is late, but since she's a genki horse girl, instead of toast in her mouth, Special Week gets a nice carrot.

Special Week got a crash course in the school's amenities because she's a transfer student. In the first couple of days, she got her debut race scheduled, met the elegant Student Council President Symboli Rudolf, and visited the pool with Tokai Teio (getting splashed by Taiki Shuttle).

Tokai Teio appears related to President Symboli Rudolf somehow. She gets her turn in the eye catch and she'll eventually become another Team Spica member.

The Team Spica Trainer has some strange ideas about training horse girls by strengthening their cores. Special Week is no stranger to weird training techniques, where her adoptive Mom through mud balls at her for some reason.

It's Special Week's debut race and the favorite Queen Berry shows that her mom and Trainer's unorthodox training were made to deal with real racing conditions.

And Special Week won her debut race without a strategy, except for what she felt was right. Too bad she didn't get any exposure to the race protocols for before and after, especially the live concert performance for the podium presentation.

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