Saturday, April 07, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Comic Girls - Episode 1 - Kaoruko Gets Bad News

Kaoruko got bad news from her manga editor that people don't think she knows how to write about high school girls, even though she is a high school girl.

This cute girls draw manga cutely show happens in a dorm for high school girls who draw manga. Unfortunately, these cute girls do not draw cute manga cutely, but our new main characters want to learn to do that.

Tsuabasa and Ruki who already live at the manga girl dorm are established mangaka, with Tsubasa drawing shounen and Ruki writing hentai.

The new girls, with Kaoruko needing to learn how to draw beautiful bodies and Koyume needing to learn how to draw handsome boys, wonder if Ruki has pervy material for her artwork or if she's "self-inspired."

Ruki just naturally knows how to draw large breasts, earning the pen-name Big Boob Himeko-sensei. Tsubasa channels her tomboy chuunibyou powers into her hotblooded shounen stories.

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