Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Spring 2018 Anime Preview Notes

10 Second Anime

Continuing Series

Definitely Watching

It's that time again, when anime series are entering their final arcs before their season's end or their mid-cour break. Spring is definitely the season of rebirth as many shows come back from their split cours, or even come back from the dead (or at least a 13 year long slumber).

As you can see, my weekly review card slots are already full. Yowamushi Pedal continues on, Shokugeki continues from its hiatus, Amanchu! got a second season so I'm not saying no to ARIA cats and muppet faces, and High School DxD returns for ecchi harem goodness with new character designs and hopefully no franchise wounding anime original plot devices. Will there be other anime to take up a slot? I used to do 7 in a season, but I think I was less jaded back then, or not every anime was a mecha clone, cute girls battling red laser aliens, main characters trapped in a video game world, or moe blob torture porn.

As for the shows I'm definitely watching, Boku no Hero Academia is back with its next season and Hoozuki's Coolheadedness continues its split cour. I'm curious to see what the SAO spin off will do, since we didn't spend that much time in the world of Gun Gale Online during the last season of SAO. But even more so, I'm looking forward to Full Metal Panic. 13 years, buddy. 13 years. What took you so long? Unfortunately, this is not a continuation of Fumoffu, although I felt I got a satisfying replica in Amagi Brilliant Park.

There may be other shows I'll pick up, but I'll have to look at the first episodes to see if they're worth it.

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