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10 Second Anime - Yowamushi Pedal - Glory Line - Episode 11

Onoda races against Yuuto to get to their teammates first. Hakone's plans are working but Sohoku looks to be in disarray.

Line.11 - "Mountain King"


The main thing to take away from Yuuto going head to head against Onoda is that he got a very small glimpse of the Smiling Climb that should make you fear THE NATIONAL CHAMPION OF JAPAN. He may not have understood it on an intellectual level, but his goosebumps did. Don't ever get into a situation where Onoda races for his friends. Also, Yuuto didn't even see Onoda unleash level 1, much less level 2 power levels. Did you see his pedal turning become blue or gold? I didn't. THE NATIONAL CHAMPION OF JAPAN didn't even flip one of his serious switches. Yuuto should be afraid. Very afraid.

Still, we did get to see Onoda start pedaling crazy fast. They give Midousuji some gross sound effects, but if you listen closely, Onoda has a jet engine crossed with hummingbird wings when he starts to go. I get chills when hear that high pitched helicopter blade spinning.

Yuuto kept trying to understand Onoda's strengths and pedaling style. The thing is, Onoda doesn't have a style. He has preternatural balance, which we saw with how he countered Yuuto's shoulder rubbing, and he has abnormally fast cadence. I counted his rpm against Yuuto's (yes, I'm that crazy too) and judging by frame count from the video, Yuuto was spinning crazy at 90 rpm on this climb, but Onoda was already cruising at 180 rpm. Cruising. Comfortably.

So, Peak Hornet thought he could spoil Onoda's rhythm, which is a sound climbing tactic to tire an opponent out, but unfortunately for Yuuto, THE NATIONAL CHAMPION OF JAPAN doesn't have a preferred rhythm. That plain and steady rhythm is just Onoda cruising. As in NOT TRYING. Like breathing while chatting. Although, Yuuto almost got Onoda fired up enough to get to his Smiling Climb.

I can't wait. The Love Hime song for this year is the opening theme for the 2nd Season. And Onoda almost started pedaling, dancing, along to it. We saw the whole team sing it in the movie from two years ago, so this is a big tease that Onoda is going to unleash it.

Yuuto is wrong, though. Onoda doesn't pass people by being plain and steady with his cadence. He should ask Manami what he did to him last year. Can you really call it steady when he keeps busting out faster cadences with jumps of 30 rpm for each level? I don't think so.

Yuuto also got a small glimpse of Onoda's motivation. Winning for one jersey instead of personal glory. He smiles because making his friends happy make himself happy. Hakone follows a different track where personal glory adds to the team's glory. What Yuuto got out of his encounter with Onoda is that he doesn't know him well enough to crack him psychologically. Even Manami couldn't do it and Onoda was troubled by beating him last year. Manami was a friend and Onoda was going to make him unhappy by beating him. You see that? It wasn't even a question in Onoda's mind that he could beat you! The Mountain King doesn't consider specs in his way like that. THE NATIONAL CHAMPION OF JAPAN just worries that he'll hurt your feelings. Now that's how you demoralize the competition.

Aw. Yuuto didn't beat Onoda to the front because Naruko and Imaizumi dropped back to meet Onoda. Would it have really been a tie? I'm not so sure.

The Big Three 2.0 are together, but things look bad for the whole team. They have to wait for Teshima, but Aoyagi and Special K are far behind. But are they really far behind? The power of Love Hime is strong and mysterious...

Hakone has yet to face adversity. Kuroda hurt himself, and Izumida brought the whole team back to the peloton to break him out, but things are still going to Izumida's plan.

Teshima is taking a long time to join up with the guys at the front. Is he waiting for Aoyagi and Special K?

Look! A girl! And it's Iinchou. Still without a name! Man, that girl really does love her next door neighbor. Going all the way up to the mountains just for a split second of attention.

Nice. She actually got to give Sangaku something this time around.

Naruko got desperate and his thinking appears to match Midousuji's. They really are from the same region of Japan.

But, Midousuji has better pawns this year, along with his favored Komari. Are those five really going to pass Teshima before he gets to Onoda and Imaizumi? Come on.

Aw. Yuuto Shinkai is shy around girls. He should get used to having fangirls.

Ooh. Another new end card. How long are they going to keep this up? I'd much prefer to have variations on the girls of Yowamushi Pedal again, but this is fine. For now.

Cycling Porn.

This week, we got some loving looks at Onoda's Sidi shoes and BMC bike, Yuuto's Cervelo, and the rest of Hakone's bike brands of Wilier Triestina, Kuota, BH, Look, and Specialized S-Works. As for anything else cycling related, I covered Yuuto's rhythm spoiling tactics already, which is about the only thing climbers can do against each other on the long slog up to the top of an incline.

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