Sunday, March 25, 2018

10 Second Anime - Killing Bites - Episode 11

Hitomi goes wild against Kido. Kido gets even more dangerous, but he's not the only Brute left on the island.

11th Bite - "Don't Bully Mama"


Did we really need two recaps this episode? There was one at the beginning for last episode and the Eruza gave another, for what just happened, after the commercial break. It looks like they had to pad some time here before the final episode next week.

Hitomi is jumping around like she used to do in Hong Kong.

Yoko is feeling embarrassed that she declared herself the winner before Honey Badger started jumping around again.

Hitomi's bottom got all fuzzy like Ui. Did she lose her underwear too?

They're paying a lot of attention to this falling light. I sense Kido backstory flashback coming up.

Aw. He saved some flowers from that mean nasty light.

Ho. Hitomi said that Kido was going to be the easiest to fight. Just get inside his reach! I guess she was unconscious when he rolled up in a ball against Taiga.

Har! Strike!

Wait. He just beat up some trees and flowers. Is he going to blame Hitomi?

He's blaming Hitomi...

Abused child Kido stayed crazy all these years. Tied his missing mom to the flowers she gave him. Now he has a complex about it, which has nothing to do with environmentalism.

Oh. Kido's got a final form too. Now he's all swol with yellow eyes. Er, eye.

Don't bully Mama, Hitomi! Honey badger don't care.

Oof. There goes another flying limb. These people grow stuff back like starfish, right? Leo had some fingers chopped off by Hitomi in the second episode, and his hand seems fine now.

Ouch. Pierced through the back. This is when a honey badger is most dangerous.

Woof. Hitomi speared Kido's eye again. With her own cut off hand! It would have been even better if she made her hand stick out the middle finger!

Ho. Eat this!

Death? Honey badger don't care! She'll take you with her.

Yoko is going even more nutso.

Oh man. Zombie Pangolin, with his brains oozing onto his back.

Cheetah ends the zombie movie. Again. I don't know. If Kido can still attack while getting his brain punched in by way of his throat (guh), why would bleeding out through his throat have a different result?

So, Eruza wins that fight, but Ui is still crawling around.

Ha! Ui kicks! And Ui wins! She's the Champion!

Alright, so now we're seeing the old man stakes. Pervy grandpa thinks he's still got the Shidou tech, but wimpy grandpa actually has a spine. None of this matters, since the reptile mafia don has some invisible Brute infiltrating the island.

Oho. It's a whole bunch of chameleons. They look like gross Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Oshie wants Hitomi's baby!

Next bite is the Final Bite.

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