Sunday, March 25, 2018

10 Second Anime - Dagashi Kashi S2 - Episode 11

Kokonotsu gets his manga manuscript reviewed and meets Hotaru on his trip.

Episode 11 - "Homerun Bar Winning Stick, Snow, and..."


What I liked best about Kokonotsu's experience with his manuscript was he got a good slap up the side of his head. The reviewer saw through the his story that he had worked on it for two weeks instead of cramming it through two days. This really stuffed it in 9-Piece's face that he had done nothing, not even managing the store, for three months. It's good he did that much to beat a deadline, but he needs to stop playing around with his life goals and talents. As the reviewer said, at least he's still young enough to figure things out.

And so... there wasn't even an eye catch!

Hajime is quick and good at inking!

I'm worried that Saya's coffee is going to spill everywhere with Tou in the room not helping out.

That's a nice looking thigh there, Kokonotsu-kun.

Hee. Hajime feet wiggling.

I suppose the afro dude on the cover is based on 9-Piece's dad.

Uh, Kokonotsu's manga was about ice skating? What the...

He finished! He collapsed!

Three hour train ride. He's going to have a long day.

Hajime hadn't yet been to the Endou café? It's like she's been in town less than a week or something.

Har. Hajime called Tou background noise. I mean, his background noise was helpful for concentrating on the work.

Hajime already knows that his manga manuscript sucks.

Obvious fantasy montage is obvious.

Reviewer was harsh. Kokonotsu doesn't budget his time, doesn't work on his weaknesses, and he could tell it was done in two days. This editor has seen it all.

Kokonotsu thinks he was managing the store for three months? Uh, no. Only since his dad broke his foot.

He knows the real reason for his procrastination, even during Summer vacation when he was supposed to be working on the manga, was waiting for Hotaru to show up at the shop.

This bad day just got worse. Snow delay.

Nice boots. We know who likes to wear nice shoes. Also, we had to wait until the 11th episode to see Hotaru wear this outfit from the opening credits. I suppose she wore her pajamas at Saya's sleepover...

And there she is! That is a stark difference in emotional response from this random meeting. Well, Hotaru has always been sphinx-like except when candy is involved.

It looks like she's on another one of her snack shop trips. Maybe she was finally coming back to the Shikada store?

Next time is the last time for this season!

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