Sunday, February 11, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Nanatsu no Bitoku - Episode 3 - Raphael Ready

Raphael the Angel of Temperance is ready to look for a Messiah too!

It wasn't clear to me before this episode, but each of the Angels are latching onto a different Messiah candidate. Somehow, the angel embodying self-restraint becomes attracted to an aspiring pastry chef.

Raphael realized her pastry chef isn't going to be the Messiah, but she wants to support his dream of winning a cupcake contest.

This Raphael Angel of Temperance doesn't hold back when it comes to sweets or short skirts. But at least she put "temperance" on her belt.


This angel actually showed some self-restraint in one department - nudity. Raphael only gave us one small NSFW moment when she spilled ice cream on herself.

Raphael's body must be smoking hot because that one scoop of ice cream melted instantly all over her front side.

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