Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - High School DxD BorN - Episode 13 [OVA] - Roseweisse Loses Card Game

Rossweisse thinks she can win at Old Maid. She was wrong!

The whole episode was about Rias and Issei coming back to Hell to help Ravel's older brother Riser get his groove back. He's been scared of dragons, especially the Oppai Dragon, after he busted his ass trying to force Rias into marriage. It was mainly a way to get a stacked loli into Issei's harem to rub against the pettanko loli of Koneko...


Well, who cares about Riser anyway? This was a true Harem King OVA where the girls spent almost the entire time naked in a very NSFW way in the hot springs in snowy Hell. It was an excellent way to make up for the ludicrous anime-only plot of the last three episodes of this particular season.

Ravel got another deserved turn for the eye catches, as if there were commercials on this disk.

Ravel's transformation into safari clothes was hot. Literally!

While Ravel and Issei help train Riser in the dragon country, the other girls relax in the outdoor onsen of the Phoenix estate. Key development was the first time we see Rossweisse naked outside of an eye catch! Very nice!

With Riser getting his confidence back, that meant he also got back his interest in seeing women naked, especially Rias. Issei had to protect his harem's honor... that he had already taken. Such a selfish Oppai Dragon.

Meanwhile, the girls had, obviously, girl talk in the onsen as someone noticed how much "style" almost everyone else had.

Yes, Asia is still self-conscious about how small she is, but she should learn from Koneko to appreciate the unique gifts any bust has according to its size. Issei has his moments...

Issei needed to hurry and protect his precious ones. It's not clear, and it doesn't have to be, whether he means his harem's breasts or the actual girls. While he knocked Riser unconscious before he could see anything, Issei got the full treatment of welcome, and not so welcome reactions.

The big surprise was that Ravel joined the girls overnight instead of camping out in a cave with the boys in dragon country. Her heart was not prepared to have her crush see her in such a state. My body was ready, though! Alas, this is the last time we'll see the girls looking like this. The next season will have new character designs reflecting a more moe look. I just had to say goodbye to the familiar designs before the new season started.

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