Friday, January 12, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Yuru CampΔ - Episode 2 - Rin Ready to Camp

Rin set up her camp and was ready to do some real campfire cooking. Except she didn't pass any stores that sold vegetables, so it was back to curry ramen for her.

Nadeshiko officially joined the Outdoors Activities Club, remarked on their very narrow club room, and decided to do something with tents since Aoi and Chiaki already burned all the leaves around the school.

Ena is Rin's very friendly and outgoing friend who tried to get her to join the camping club. Rin's reluctance couldn't save her from a very funny reunion with Nadeshiko.

Rin went camping on her own again. She met some friendly dogs and shared sights from her walk around the campground with Ena. Ena and her dog Chikuwa decided to stay in.

Ena's outgoing nature gave Rin a big surprise - Nadeshiko bearing vegetables and a hotpot! They got to go camping again, but this time no curry ramen.

Chiaki knew just how to celebrate Nadeshiko becoming a new Outdoor Activities Club member - enjoying sweet local mocchi.

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