Friday, September 22, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Kizumonogatari - Episode 3 [BD] - Kiss-Shot Nudges Araragi

Kiss-Shot was made whole again, but she wanted to celebrate with her cute servant Araragi by sharing a nice meal before she turned him back into a human from the powerful vampire he became.

Hanekawa walking through the rain set the tone for a not-so-complete victory story after defeating the Vampire Hunters in the last movie.

Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade looks amazing as a full complete vampire, in her supposedly 27 year old form. The 7, 12, and 17 year old versions each had their own charms, but yowza!

Araragi's idea of a celebratory meal differed greatly than Kiss-Shot's. Portable food meant people, like ripping off the face of Hanekawa as he kissed her!

Hanekawa said she would help in any way she could. Running toward and breaking through the Rising Sun is very patriotic, but also evocative of defeating a vampire's nature.

The ACTION scene before the big action scene was Araragi convincing Hanekawa that he needed to feel up her breasts because Kiss-Shot's jiggling might be too distracting for him. Well, she said she would do anything to help, so...

Araragi was just being his playful flirtatious self, but after all the scenes and talk of Hanekawa's panties in the last movie, he should have known how serious she would be about "helping" him.

Araragi's teasing nature got the better of him. He kept ratcheting up the dirty talk that Hanekawa was to repeat and she kept accepting those orders.

After all that teasing, he chickened out! Hanekawa seemed more disappointed than Araragi. She actually used the English word here, like Japanese people use for fast food restaurants, instead of 鶏 (にわとり, niwatori - domestic chicken).

And then it was time for the actual action scene. Two full-fledged vampires at full power! So much regeneration. So much blood! But it turned out that Kiss-Shot wasn't actually serious. She wanted to lose because her dying as a full vampire by her servant sucking all her blood would turn him back to human. Araragi's choice, with Oshino's help, brought us to the circumstances of the first season of Bakemonogatari.

It's back to school and Araragi and Hanekawa are just friends, but friends who have shared so many experiences. It shows how amazing Senjougahara had to be to make Araragi fall in love with her instead of Hanekawa, when he was already more than half way there. And Kiss-Shot is now nameless and her only source of food is Araragi himself.

This was right before she was given her name and before she could talk. What makes Shinobu look familiar now are the little hair flanges above her ears. So many things are going to happen right after this!

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