Friday, September 08, 2017

10 Second Anime - Vatican Kiseki Chousakan - Episode 10

Fr. Trones' disappearance reveals his controversial past. An old enemy appears connected to this miracle investigation.

Episode X - "The Ghosts of the Past Appeared"


I didn't know how they were going to bring back Fr. Julia before the end of the season, especially when the miracle involved a small village in Tuscany with a disturbing folk legend occupying the surrounding forest somehow tied to psychedelic Jesus. But they threw together a mafia related conspiracy involving counterfeit money and the viral motley clown logo showing up on websites, and boom! Bourbon alchemical gold needs to be laundered somehow through the Galdoune immortality conspiracy, so why not have kidnapped children toil underground running the presses?

Anyway, we'll see how close to the mark my wild guesses are about the criminal aspect of this case, but the point is, they did it. Fr. Julia is back.


There's all sorts of weirdness with this crucifix. It's changing colors without the horn sound, but not as vibrantly.

Oh. Those strange towers are where the priests' rooms are. Still. Every place has to have strange columns or towers.

This albino murder victim had low Vitamin D and was malnourished. Imprisoned underground?

Why does this village have a folk song about the Greek god of the Underworld, Hades (Thanatos was the actual god of death)? We're in Toscano, right? They should be singing about Pluto or Mors, yes? Interestingly enough, Hades was also the Greek god of wealth because he mined minerals and jewels. Hmmmmm.

Wow. We totally need a relationship chart after learning that Fr. Trones was one of the kids in that old video of the Decapitating Clown Project. He was dating the screaming girl Dominica who went insane after Carlo got beheaded, got engaged to Teresa who was Carlo's girlfriend at the time, but when she died from a lightning strike, he donated his fortune and became a priest.

There are other characters on the periphery of Carlo and Teresa pointing to mafia involvement.

It was Carlo's mom who had the 32 year old video. Must be VHS.

Oh hey. Yaoi shower scene for Joseph. Calm down fujoshi.

Everybody involved with Fr. Trones before he became a priest is dead, missing, or insane. Dominica may have some evocative pronouncements if Roberto can wrangle an interview with her.

Also, Roberto must have felt pretty good speaking Italian and walking around a village since he hardly ever gets to do that breaking codes in dead languages.

Whoa. So the missing Fr. Trones looks like he was stuck in an airplane hold and then dumped out at very high altitude. Frozen like a brick of solid waste.

Roberto suspects Fr. Trones and Teresa staged the Motley Clown murder in the video to get rid of Carlo who appeared to be an abusive boyfriend.

Oh ho. That FBI guy from Africa is with Inspector Bufi. Why? Because they found Fr. Julia's fingerprints on the counterfeit note the albino kid was grasping! Recall that he killed his clone he kept underground with a sickle instead of a scythe. He likes those curved blades.

Joseph's video equipment recorded the murder, and it looked like the kid and the clown came from inside the Church and that Fr. Trones knew they were there beforehand.

Fr. Trones had thermal paint in his room and was the one painting the crucifix with it, which explains how it was changing colors during different parts of the day. Did he create this "miracle" to distract everyone from the horn sound? He also might have knowledge of thermal ink from the currency counterfeiting that was going on.

Our investigators, Italian, American, and Vatican, are now searching for "Hell." Bufi stuck the video into his phone, so they should be able to find "the house over there" pretty easily.

Eh, the yaoi couch preview just had Joseph yearning for Roberto's cooking. Is he going to be kept in a cell eating bugs and worms in the next episode?

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