Thursday, September 07, 2017

10 Second Anime - Gamers! - Episode 9

Chiaki deals with her feelings for Keita after discovering his online identities. Keita meets Chiaki's sister Konoha.

DAY 9 - "Chiaki Hoshinomori and Account Hack"


I think it's safe to say that without the Japanese comedic conventions of thinking out loud, assuming the other person knows the context of your loud pronouncements, and staying out of the way of a misunderstanding when you know the full story between two parties, this show would have resolved all its conflicts by the fourth episode. What I'm saying is that this is all Tasuku's fault! He wanted to put Keita in the middle of a romantic comedy but he didn't realize these situations have figurative quantum mechanical properties. There is no displaced observer. You will be part of the reaction! Tasuku has no one to blame but himself.

And also, can we just stop having these people mutter things out loud? I know it comes from a dramatic convention for stage plays, but come on people. These are drafted moving images on a screen where the audience's perspective can be anywhere. Let it go!

Well, that's just my way of complimenting the authors for the imaginative ways of prolonging the agonizing comedy of errors. I had no idea that the introduction of Konoha would be their solution to keeping Keita from finding out who Nobe and MONO are. But now Tasuku and Chiaki know that he's the anonymous fan and gaming friend. Delicious agony.


How meta! Chiaki is complaining about the authors tugging at heart strings by playing on the surprise of a main character in falling in love with someone. Chiaki thinks they're being cheap. Yeah!

Chiaki wants to keep hating Keita, but we'll see about that. Just a reminder: she only hates him because he likes moe characters in games but she wants to see more Western artistic influences. It matters!

But she won't have anyone bad-mouthing Yama-san. No way! But he's Keita... uuuhhh....

Konoha was just, er, exercising while playing erogames. We'll go with that...

It's Summer vacation, but Chiaki's new look apparently only applies to her school uniform. At home, she's still in full-on otaku mode with her sweats.

I like how Chiaki has to keep reminding herself that she's supposed to hate Keita.

I thought having Konoha borrow her PC was going to lead to the revelation of her erogaming habits, but it was just to get her into the room when Chiaki's online personas were about to be revealed.

Nobe and MONO are... my sister! Oh my God, what are you doing Chiaki?!

Konoha was a pretty loyal sister after taking ten minutes for Chiaki to explain the situation. Bishoujo Game AI Konoha is best Konoha.

If Tasuku and Keita were older, that conversation would have happened over beer instead of fast food. Still good bro time, except for Tasuku keeping all the secrets to himself and muttering his thoughts out loud.

At least Keita is perceptive enough to recognize that Konoha doesn't really match Nobe and MONO's mannerisms. And he's perceptive enough to come up with the totally impossible scenario of Tasuku wanting to support another girl's crush on him instead of secretly dating Karen. It's impossible, I tell you!

Tasuku and Aguri are going to have to update their relationship charts.

Yes, Konoha, there are times I feel like I need to hit Keita just once too.

Schrödinger's Tasuku involves himself with the Chiaki love triangle, right after he fixed things with Aguri too. How else could Chiaki interpret "I've decided to choose you," if she didn't have the context of meaning supporting her crush on Keita? This show just keeps pouring on the misunderstandings. I love it!

New ending credits, but using all recycled scenes. That's kind of disappointing.

Karen is back in the end card when she wasn't in the episode at all. This is fine too, though.

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