Sunday, August 13, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Princess Principal - Episode 6 - Dorothy Likes the Taste of Stout

We've seen Dorothy drink wine and whiskey, but here she's moved onto stout. Clever girl. It has the most alcohol and the least calories of the brewed liquors.

Beatrice and Dorothy got paired up for this episode, starting with not being able to rely on Ange or Chise teaching Beatrice how to pick a lock. No teaching skills, according to Dorothy.

The main story covers Dorothy's past because she's reunited with her deadbeat father working at a morgue. We learned that her real name is Daisy and she chose her mom's name as her cover.

Gazelle was the contact person for Dorothy's dad for the item in the corpse they were looking for. She didn't take kindly to his renegotiating the price. It's hard to have a happy ending for the fathers of the girls in this show.

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