Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - New Game!! - Episode 5 - Hifumi Takes Yun's Chin in Hand

Hifumi decided to get into an assertive character like she does when she cosplays to handle her new leadership responsibilities. It looks like it was quite effective on Yun.

Hifumi, Aoba, and Hajime had a few hiccups as they took on their new duties in their new roles for the next game project. After several busy days, Aoba had a chance to unwind with her friend Hotaru visiting from France. Rin liked that picture of her and Aoba, I'm sure.

The high school friends reconnected in all sorts of ways at a hot spring hotel. The return of Aoba Devil was a bonus, but Nene has learned how to handle her.

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