Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Fate Apocrypha - Episode 6 - Fran Not a Fan of Original iMac

Maybe Frankenstein's Monster is just wary of any source of electricity, but I like to think she's making a statement on bubblegum pop PC's.

Mordred says her hobby is eating, but she appears to enjoy playing with creatures of her own kind. Uh, did I just say that Mordred is like a stray cat with a bad attitude?

Celenike spends a lot of time in her personal torture room wearing next to nothing. She's still going to get blood on that expensive lingerie...

Saber versus Assassin, but the question remains is whose assassin is Jack the Ripper? Yeah, it's kind of weird how a lot of these mythological "heroes" turn out to be women.

Fiore did her best Dr. Octopus impression with the help of her special wheelchair.

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