Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Aho Girl - Episode 6 - Yoshiko Splits Watermelon

A trip to the beach means splitting watermelons, but Yoshiko has her own way of doing things.

It's still Summer Vacation, but Yoshiko wants to make sure you know that Bananas are Happiness to the Aho Girl.

Funny how none of the swimsuits look like what they picked out shopping last week. All the pen marking must have made them get new suits.

The Public Morals Rep is crushing on Akutsu big time, but he doesn't care and Yoshiko doesn't like the unfair competition from using her big boobs.

The time spent in the hot spring devolved into talking about body parts. Yoshiko called her the Big Boob Rep and got her crazy over she knew what Akutsu's wee wee looked like when they were kids.

Yoshiko has a special outfit for the Summer Bon Festival. Not very authentic for Japan, but festive nonetheless. For Brazil, maybe.

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