Friday, July 07, 2017

Tour Tidbit du Jour - 7/7/2017

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Marcel Kittel beat Edvald Boasson Hagen to the finish line in Stage 7 at Nuits-Saint-Georges by 0.0003 seconds. The reason the finish line photo can be so precise is because of how it takes its images. What you see above is a composite of thousands of single pixel width images stitched together from a slit lens camera recording 10,000 frames per second. Visually, it looks like there is no gap at all between Kittel's and Boasson Hagen's front tires. But the camera operators can look at the single pixel width frames, not just the composite image. Kittel's wheel crossed first. 3 frames later, Boasson Hagen's came into view. Three ten-thousandths of a second later. And that's why cyclists never question the photo finish.

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