Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - New Game!! - Episode 2 - Aoba and Hajime Look Down

Aoba and Hajime look down as if to say how great the rest of this post looks, except they're actually looking at the specs of the new game their company is working on.

We have a proper opening credits sequence instead of using parts of it as the ending credits last week.

Eagle Jump's next game has the game mechanics set, but they need to have character designs to dictate the setting and the premise. Hifumi wants to support Aoba's hard thinking.

Unfortunately, Aoba's hard thinking devolved into cutesy cosplay. She's the least qualified character for cow girl cosplay... just sayin'.

Everybody in the company was encouraged to submit ideas for character designs. Aoba faced issues with Kou being the senior character designer while Hajime felt guilty that her friends, like Hifumi, thought she was tired from working on designs instead of just staying up late from binge watching anime.

That's a lot of wheels on a tandem bike in this week's eye catch.

Aoba and Kou decided to collaborate using Aoba's ideas and Kou's polishing of characters battling stuffed animal enemies and taking their powers by "wearing" them. This is more like dream genre instead of fantasy adventure.

The end credits incorporate chibi versions of the cast into the teddy bear game they'll be working on.

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