Sunday, July 16, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Kakegurui - Episode 3 - Yumeko Wants to Gamble

This little scene of Yumeko agreeing to a gambling match without knowing the stakes and Suzui getting frustrated encapsulates the entire series so far.

One of the student council members Yuriko has come up with her own kind of dice game using little plastic swords. Her assistant has quite the flair for throwing the cup down.

Yumeko acts so innocently as she accuses Yuriko of cheating and goads her into betting big.

Yumeko likes to show those gambling crazy eyes when the final result for a huge bet is about to be revealed.

Aw. Yumeko lost because she didn't know that the student council takes care of its own with their own cheating tricks. She embraced the kitty cat nickname of those who have lost their status, freaking out the other students.

Yumeko embracing the storm in the end credits showcases her personality.

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