Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Hajimete no Gal - Episode 2 - Yukana Morning Selfie

Yukana became a girlfriend just yesterday afternoon and she already sent her new boyfriend a good morning selfie.

Junichi can barely believe Yukana agreed to become his girlfriend. His active sex obsessed imagination has no problem believing him into sexy situations, though.

Junichi doesn't believe Yukana was serious about his love confession since she was "teasing" him during it. This is the good kind of teasing, Junichi!

Yukana showed her seriousness about their new relationship with that #nofilter just got out of bed selfie and her "boob" morning hug when she informed the whole class of the change in her relationship status.

This week, Junichi had to deal with the Gal stereotype of using karaoke halls as rented sex rooms. His horny imagination filled in a lot of blanks.

Yukana proved again that she's just a normal girl who likes singing and views kissing as something special. But she is a Gal, so she insists on showing cleavage and sitting too closely.

Yukana still had fun with Junichi singing anime songs as she brushed aside his awkward attempt at a first kiss. I see hints at her having more experience than she lets on.

The end card shows Junichi getting more comfortable with Yukana. I hope so. The less time he spends with his pathetic friends the better.

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