Thursday, July 13, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Hajimete no Gal - Episode 1 - Yukana Looks Down

Yukana may be a "gal," but even she doesn't approve of boys looking at soft-core porno mags in class.

First Thoughts.

I thought this show had a chance of being reviewed weekly for the 10 Second Anime feature, but only if it had full-on toplessness. Comedy is hard to review anyway, so there has to be a hook to it that makes writing about it interesting, like the setting, the premise, or the characters. Sadly, a high school setting with a pathetic virgin male viewer stand-in having a relationship with a flashy girl who's actually remarkably normal wasn't going to cut it unless I saw her nipples. Around here, a show gets automatically covered if 1) it's 24 minutes long, 2) it's about cycling, or 3) it has naked breasts. Comedy, drama, sci-fi, slice of life, it doesn't matter. If it's a full-length anime with either bicycles or bared chests, you're in. Unfortunately, the closest this show gets is nubs poking through a shirt. So, enjoy the highly detailed panty-shots, sexy situations, scantily clad girls, and over the top internal monologues.

The show started off with a flash-forward and set the tone for the entire series. Detailed panty shots on a strong female lead with big breasts. That is all you need to know about this show.

Yukana, the love interest, is a "gal" who has a lot of friends with similar fashion choices and interests. Which means they also show off their big breasts and panties. You know what you're getting with this show.

The main character, Junichi, is much more socially adjusted than his pathetic sex-obsessed friends. He actually has female friends like his neighbor Nene and the class-rep type Yui. Junichi still has trouble talking to beautiful girls like Yui, though.

Junichi did not make a good first impression with Yukana. That didn't stop him from fantasizing about her with wrong information from his loser friends about what "gals" are like.

Junichi's "friends" think flashy girls like Yukana are easy. Just ask them to be your girlfriend and they'll go to bed with you! Junichi actually believed this crap and decided to give it a try after his friends wrote a love confession letter for him addressed to Yukana.

Yukana is a nice self-aware young woman who knows how she dresses affects teenage boys in certain ways. She enjoys the attention, but she doesn't really take advantage of it.

What sets this show apart from other romantic comedies is that Yukana actually says yes to dating Junichi in the first episode. She's a normal girl who wants to be loved too, and probably has never been confessed to because of her intimidating looks. I can see trials and tribulations over the culture clash, the circumstances of the confession, and the other girls in Junichi's orbit.

The end credits show Yukana enjoying being in a relationship with her friends contributing solid eye candy.

End cards are always appreciated in an adapted work with a built-in following.

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