Monday, July 24, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Aho Girl - Episode 3 - Sayaka Too Pure For This World

Sayaka, wanting to end the ludicrous scene of Yoshiko and her mom trying to see her underwear, showed them just how pure her intentions were toward A-kun.

Yoshiko's mom was adamant that Sayaka was cuter than her daughter. Yoshiko thought differently.

Yoshiko's mom has a plan for A-kun to marry her daughter, but having a cute normal friend like Sayaka could totally ruin things. The only way to make sure Sayaka wasn't an obstacle was to make sure she wore innocent panties. Yoshiko was just along for the manic ride.

Yoshiko's thing is eating bananas.

A-kun had a tough day at school, so Yoshiko thought the best thing to do was cheer him up the way her mother comforts her dad. Yoshiko appears to be missing some key details...

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