Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Saekano S2 - Episode 9 - Utaha Turns

It was graduation day for Utaha, but all she wanted to do was flirtatiously tease Tomoya.

Eriri still gets flustered and intimidated by Utaha.

Utaha's editor approached her with a new project. She sat in the office next to a poster of her own light novel and two others which became anime this year. One is airing right now and the other will be premiering in the Summer.

Akane Kosaka, the eldest sister of the Kosaka siblings whom Tomoya knows so well, is going to be in charge of the game that is recruiting Utaha and Eriri.

Akane is going to be a much different and effective producer for Eriri than Tomoya ever was.

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