Thursday, June 22, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Saekano S2 - Episode 11 [END] - Megumi and Tomoya Hold Hands

Megumi decided to help Tomoya go back to the beginning for their next game project: actually making the game Tomoya wanted.

Megumi still needed to confirm that Eriri had decided to leave their doujin group. It was probably after this that Megumi cut her hair back to how it was when Tomoya first approached her.

Megumi wanted to go on a date with Tomoya because she wanted to cheer Tomoya up, to get out of the house, and to make sure Tomoya finished their date without running away like last time.

A big comedy scene was the resolution between Tomoya and the artists who abandoned him to take on a challenging project. Utaha got her kiss, Mr. Ethical is now Mr. Unethical because of that wet kiss, and we got Eriri doing her signature twin tail slap.

The final scene reintroduced Izumi, who is going to replace Eriri as the artist for blessing software, and to have one last scene with Michiru before the show ends.

Megumi got the final curtain call as the heroine. "The End," she said.

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