Friday, June 16, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Eromanga-sensei - Episode 10 - Elf Wakeup Call

Masamune pulled an all-nighter, but his little Elf alarm clock wants to play all day in the sun.

Muramasa wanted to focus intently on Masamune's story he wrote for her.

Muramasa decided to strongly declare her love for Masamune, but she despaired when she found out that everyone else already knew that. Even her readers figured out she was in love with someone from her romance novel contest entry.

Elf decided to goof off while her brother was away and they played the King Game with Eromanga-sensei over Skype. Elf was prepared for his lewd commands, but Muramasa, and her lack of panties, was not.

Yay! Just like I hoped last episode, Muramasa got her own themed end credits. Still filling out that blue bikini nicely.

Masamune you can't leave now in the end card. Muramasa just wants to talk a l-little bit more.

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