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10 Second Anime - Yowamushi Pedal - New Generation - Episode 22

Onoda tries to break out of the box opposing riders made around him. Teshima challenges Manami on the climb as Sohoku waits for Onoda.

Ride.22 - "The Pressure of Tag #1"


I figured the other riders would box Onoda in and I wasn't surprised to see how obvious they were about it. What they're doing is actually against the rules in the pro ranks, as you're not supposed to interfere with another rider's line, but they were getting away with it so far. I've only ever seen this tactic employed by women professionals and it was considered a shameful and desperate act at the time. It's one thing if there's no more room left on the road, but it's obvious when a group of riders is forcing another rider into the gutter with over half the road being clear.

It won't matter, though. Onoda will figure something out.

Oh hey, look! Girls! Fans holding fans. Which say "mountain" on them.

This show still uses the spectators as exposition devices. I found the choice of a father watching a race with his two little girls interesting, especially how the children were worried about the riders getting lonely if they were separated from their teammates. A good bit of foreshadowing about the problems Onoda will be facing.

I love how they make these kids announce their names, but I don't pay attention. We'll never worry about those guys again after somebody from Hakone or Sohoku takes the first KOM tag. All I heard was Failure #1, Failure #2, Failure #3...

Uh oh. Onoda is in last place in the peloton. That's bad news... for the other guys.

Sucks to be them. That road has a gutter for Onoda to ride on. They're still desperate, though. They fought hard to catch Onoda's wheel and then made sure that he can't pull that braking maneuver again.

Teshima knows his team is facing adversity without their ace climber to match Hakone's moves on the mountain. They brought four climbers, while Sohoku only brought two pure climbers. That's if you count Teshima as a pure climber, when he's only been a support rider who recently trained to be a climbing support rider.

Sohoku can only "wait for the dawn." Ha! Onoda is the dawn bringer. Teshima and Aoyagi were there for Onoda's crash last year. They know what he can do when given an order like "pass 100 riders."

Whoa! Aoyagi said two whole sentences!

Kaburagi is so stupid. Two tired sprinters, who are they? There's only Aoyagi, who's the other one? Haha!

So, without Onoda there, Teshima has to cover Manami's move.

It's quite an interesting contrast between the two captains Teshima and Izumida compared to Fukutomi and Kinjou. The previous ones did hardly any talking, just ordering their teammates when to make their moves and let them do all the jawing. Both Teshima and Izumida have analytical personalities. We saw Izumida writing down lots of notes last year and obviously we've seen Teshima do the same. Their devious banter fits each other well as rivals.

Manami has no time for chit chat with non-climbers. He's in a hurry.

Manami has obviously taken over Toudou's roles as a climber and a fangirl magnet.

Miyahara the iinchou may not like all this extra competition for his attention, but with how oblivious he's been about her own feelings over the years, she really shouldn't have to worry.

Miyahara doesn't like bikes and the outdoors, but she shows up anyway. Manami can't figure out why, apparently. This is used as a comparison to Teshima not liking hills, but climbing them anyway. They're both doing something they don't like in support of someone else. Miyahara's reasons for support don't have much to do with team camaraderie or needing to win, though.

This is shounen sports anime! Teshima's grit is making Manami start to get interested in racing against him. Maybe we'll see him spread his wings before Onoda rejoins the front of the race.

The omake showed this same black cat preferring Manami the ikkemen. It must be a girl cat...

Cycling Porn.

This week, we got some good looks at Teshima's Cannondale and Manami's Look. That last part of the climb to the first KOM line has a lot of switchbacks. We can also see the big difference in climbing style between Manami and Teshima. Manami is a pure power climber, cranking a bigger gear and a slower cadence with hardly any sway as he dances out of the saddle. Teshima has no form whatsoever, using the strength from all over his body. His low profile as he stands up out of the pedals show his form from previously supporting a sprinter. He's still got some work to do if he's going to help Onoda in the climbs.

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