Monday, June 19, 2017

10 Second Anime - sin Nanatsu no Taizai - Episode 8

Lucifer meets Satan's Wrath in a show of power and battle prowess.

Episode 8 - "Wrath Unleashed"


Lots of action this episode, but hardly any ACTION. I suppose that's understandable as we approach the final arc of the season and Lucifer makes her way through all of the Mortal Sins. Satan is all about war and fighting, which makes sense since she's the Demon Lord of Wrath, but she actually has some other Hell duties, which was neat to see.

Satan is in charge of sifting souls at the Gates of Hell. That's an interesting little window into how this world views the afterlife.

Interesting how Belial manipulated Satan into rushing to confront Lucifer for "defeating" Beelzebub. Satan has a little thing for cute devils, apparently, but Bub wasn't defeated. She just went to get some more food from room service at Lu's penthouse.

Ha! Levi doesn't like Bub just dropping in for meals either. She also did a great impression of her "I'm hungry," voice.

Oh, right. Maria is in the castle Pandemonium with Belial. The original Latin for pandemonium just means "all demons." These days, that word has taken on the additional meaning of chaos.

Satan got jealous of Lu being close to Bub and she started glowing blue. Levi felt that power of Envy charging her up. Unfortunately, Satan charges up on Wrath, and a whole bunch of people in the city got mad at their buildings getting destroyed.

Lucifer kept saying that she's weak at the moment, but it's never explicitly said it's because Maria and her heart were taken to Hell.

Bub gave her a pep talk. Or she just gave her a big honking piece of meat. I guess that worked, because Lu got her groove back.

Well. Satan brought a aircraft carrier group to fight against Lucifer. She can feed off the pissed off sailors and pilots when Lu inevitably busts up their stuff.

I've heard this bububbub incantation in anime before. I think it's from Cinderella and how the bippity-boppity-boo transformation song was translated. Little Bub saying it to Levi to put her back to full strength was kind of like that, I guess.

Leviathan looks all strong in her battle armor, but then she still has that childish face. And she still acts like a child when Lu praised her. Oh, and she's actually wearing panties!

Meanwhile, Belial is feeding half-lies and half-truths to Maria about how to get her heart back. Maria is pretty trusting most of the time, but she trusts Lucifer more than Belial, I would hope. I don't think she believes that just getting rid of Lucifer will make her heart come back to her.

Ah. Satan has pride as a warrior. She gave up her Commandment on Belial's curse to fight Lucifer at full strength. It's not really full strength, since Belial still has her curse power in it, along with Astaroth's. Maybe. We never saw Astaroth actually give it up.

When Lucifer first came to Hell, she kicked Satan's ass no problem. But she was still an Angel at the time. Then she got her wings ripped off and cursed by that 7 Commandments thing. Maria's part Angel blood is supposed to keep her powered up somehow.

Neat. All the other times Lu met the Mortal Sins, she challenged them and named them and their rank. Here, Satan did it herself. The 3rd Sin, Demon Lord of Wrath, Satan challenged Lucifer to personal combat. On the Moon!

Well, that fight took longer than I thought. It turned out that Lucifer needs Satan to open the Gates of Hell for her. Going through the front door. Like a boss! Maybe the old boss shouldn't be so overconfident, but Belial is the Demon Lord of Vanity, so she really can't help it.


There wasn't much ACTION because this was an action episode, but we still had some NSFW scenes, all thanks to Levi. She apparently is a preschooler because she has to take off all her clothes just to use the toilet...

I'm not sure what Beelzebub did to Leviathan to heal her, or wake her, or whatever she did. All we know is a kuudere loli elf worked some magic on a bare breasted bad girl.

Satan takes her turn in the end card. It looks like she's used to leaning up against her polearm like that. She must have gotten a new one after Lucifer destroyed it in the first episode.

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