Thursday, May 25, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Saekano S2 - Episode 7 - Eriri Interrupts Utaha

The two idols of the school, Utaha and Eriri, are getting much more open about being seen with Tomoya. Harem dynamics are very much coming into play now.

Lots of stares came from other students looking at Utaha walk with infamous otaku Tomoya. The audience, of course, was staring at her legs.

The Harem King's best buddy showed the usual annoying antics of questioning why the MC-kun gets the attention of the school's hottest girls.

All the harem stuff was amplified because of Valentine's Day, including a barista getting the very wrong Boys' Love idea of Izumi's older brother giving Tomoya her chocolate.

Eriri blushed hard when Tomoya reminded her that she hadn't given him Valentine's chocolate in 9 years. Maybe she's also happy that the dense boy remembered a special memory.

Utaha also presented Tomoya with chocolate, after mercilessly teasing him first.

Left out of the harem dynamics was someone trying very hard to be left out. Megumi.

Tomoya figured out what he had to do after noticing how much Megumi (Meguri) changed during the course of their game. He needed to win her back by creating a new game. THIS game. Yup. The name of his new project is How To Raise a Boring Girlfriend.

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