Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - New Game! - OVA [DVD] - Umiko Tipsy

It was totally fun to see the Umiko lose her self-control after getting plastered by a bottle of strong shochu.

Seeing the opening credits again was the best way to mentally prepare to rejoin the cute girls doing cute things at a ski resort.

Before they got to skiing, they had to sleep and eat breakfast. Aoba saw a chance to tease Yagami a bit for being scared of thunder. Shizuku wasn't the only megane onee-san in the company. This is news to me!

The sauna was a big hit for fanservice. Yun stopped being weird with the face towel because the blonde megane onee-san stepped in. Watching a bead of sweat fall into Hifumi's cleavage turned into must-see anime. Aoba started her little running joke of torturing miniature snowmen here too.

The producers know that we were all here for the open air onsen! Banzai!

The youngsters enjoyed the difference between the cold air and the hot water.

The older girls figured the real action was drinking good booze after the hot dip.

The star of the show was Hifumi. The costars were hiding behind that bucket of booze. Naked girl carrying fine alcohol... Hnngghhh!

Aoba and Hifumi spent a lot of alone time when the other girls tried out the sauna again. This was good. This was very good!

Hifumi tried to explain how sake tastes. She couldn't! But she knows she likes it. Aoba, still underage, thought it tasted bitter.

Aoba and Hifumi weren't really alone. Shizuku was sitting behind a rock enjoying the sights. She had her own bucket of booze... and costars...

Nene didn't join the company's celebration trip after the successful game launch, but she still gave us some hot water service. Bring on Season 2!

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