Friday, May 26, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Hinako Note - Episode 8 - Mayu Busy Cafe

Mayu got short staffed because of a sudden illness and then her café got suddenly busy. She managed okay.

Yua and Hinako comforted Mayu for missing Chiaki during the Summer break. She insists she's not a child!

Summer is for wardrobe changes, even ones caused by accident. Yua looked nice in Mayu's fancy dress and Chiaki has a lot more adult taste in fashion than the track suit she usually wears.

I didn't know that TV-VHS player combo was actually Hinako's. I thought it just came with the dorm room. But no, the girl from the sticks brought obsolete tech with her to the big city.

Oh no! Summer colds are the worst! Even worse, it makes for an enjoyable scene out of context to have a blushing maid pushed down on the floor...

The other girls got very competitive in wanting to take care of Hinako when she got sick. Chiaki had the most authority, though, and got the most benefits. Ufufu.

This week's fetish, er, end card features Kuina in coveralls and presumably nothing else...

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