Friday, May 26, 2017

Finds from the Grind - Windy River Trails South and North

A windy day on the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel River Trails on April 29th.

This morning was after a pretty bad windstorm the night before too, so there was all sorts of debris out on the road. Some people were getting flat tires. One guy decided to fix his bike in an underpass. Please, don't do that. Another guy apparently flatted on some sharp twigs  on the path. It was a good thing I decided to bunny hop that puddle of broken branches, otherwise I could have met the same fate.

The wind was still bad, though, especially when the steady gusts turned into a headwind going up the San Gabriel River Trail. I always get a kick out of passing people with aero bars, but it was obvious one guy was just fighting the wind as hard as he could and had to sit up on the brake hoods.

I was very disappointed with the decision to place a post in the middle of the new entrance to the bike path next to City of Hope hospital. I can only guess that they were trying to stop motorized vehicles from using it, but that's stupid, because there's a wider entrance that's always open only 150 yards away. The post makes the entrance so narrow, I had to dismount and angle my handlebars just right to get through it and I had to push the bike from behind instead of walking next to it. Seriously dumb idea. They had an event and everything to open access to the newly paved part of bike path, but then they limited access to it. Bike friendly, my ass.

Finally, middle-aged guys all over the greater Los Angeles area love beer themed jerseys. I don't blame them. I love them too!

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