Monday, May 22, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Frame Arms Girl - Episode 8 - Gourai-Kai Kicks Down Hresvelgr

Upgraded Gourai (Gourai-Kai) became much more powerful against Hresvelgr's attacks and defense.

Ao worked hard on putting together Gourai's upgraded parts and weapons. Unfortunately, this Hresvelgr is only a simulation by Architect. I'm sure the real Hresvelgr has loads of attacks she didn't show in her first encounter.

Go, go, Gourai-Kai! Go, go, Gourai-Kai! The FA Girls seemed to ignore Ao in the background trying to take a little credit for Gourai-Kai.

The FA Girls put on a talent show to celebrate Gourai-Kai's successful simulation session against Architect's version of Hresvelgr. Jinrai's ninja skill demonstration lacked in, uh, talent, but made it up in passionate feeling.

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